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Cheesy Potato Casserole

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

A favorite at our family gatherings during the holidays, cheesy potato casserole is just about everything you could ever hope for from a casserole.




PREP: 15 min. COOK: 45 min. TOTAL: 60 min.



  • 1 bag frozen hash-browns (these can be shredded or cubed, both work well. I personally prefer the cubed for texture purposes.)

  • 1 can cream of chicken

  • 1 lb. extra sharp cheddar cheese, shredded

  • 8 oz. sour cream

  • 20 Ritz crackers (2 rolls), crushed

  • 2 sticks butter


  • Preheat oven to 350ºF.

  • In a large pot over medium heat, melt one stick of butter. Add in the bag of hash-browns and allow to soften (about 10 minutes).

  • In a separate bowl, mix together the cream of chicken, sour cream, and cheese.

  • Add the mixture to the pot of hash-browns and mix to combine.

  • Pour potato mixture into a 13x9 inch baking dish and spread out evenly.

  • Pour the crushed crackers evenly over the top of the potato mixture.

  • Melt the second stick of butter and drizzle it evenly over the top of the casserole.

  • Place in the oven and bake for 45 minutes.

  • Serve alongside any meal for a true element of comfort.

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